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How to Build Rapport with a prospective customer

Building rapport involves buildiing a relationship where ‘Know, Like and Trust' are augmented by ‘Respect'.
Many marketer's believe, the key to making the sale is to get the customer to “like them”, and that the way to getting the customer to like them, is to build rapport.

The Myth About Building Rapport!

  • Always treating the customer politely and in a friendly manner
  • Informal chat, perhaps share a joke or story
  • Ask about the kids (after checking the customers Facebook Profile)
In fact, these behaviours have nothing to do with building rapport, it is just small talk, the passage of time!

Six Steps to Building Rapport:

  1. Get in the zone – create a bubble in which no one else matters, just you and the customer.
  2. Write things down – listen for things you may have missed before. Observe and note anxiety in the customer, any confusion or concerns.
  3. Know your product or service and use that knowledge to bring your product to life. Just enough to trigger interest and curiosity.
  4. Do not demonstrate your ‘genius’ abilities by providing reams of information, instead focus on bringing your product to life, in a way which solves the customer's problem.
  5. Embrace all the customer’s wants, needs and concerns, which you learned in your discussion!
  6. Explain how your product or service will resolve those issues. To gain respect, you must convince your customer you can and will solve their major problems.
Rapport comes from building dialogue, trust and clarity around the customer's needs, and offering a real solution.